The Army is interested in expanding its reach into One-Way Luminescence (OWL), unidirectional observable technologies for tracer rounds.  This capability will provide the shooter of a small caliber round exclusive ability to observe the bullet technology under all light conditions, without the need for optics or weapons modifications.

InSitech has been contracted to research, identify and substantiate non-traditional technology solution providers with advanced expertise in small ruggedized Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs), micro-power generation and innovative procedures for the optimized use of miniaturized components in support of LED prototypes.  Emphasis on the ability to demonstrate this expertise in a prototype environment that is operationally relevant is essential.


If a technical solution(s) is deemed promising, the Army may elect to proceed to acquire designated high potential items for inspection, assessment, integration, test and evaluation by a U.S. Government team.

One-Way Luminescence