InSitech is assisting the Army with the identification and evaluation of promising technology alternatives to expand its reach into novel materials, such as Nano-Powders and Nano-Inks with high potential for manufacturing and production.

The Army is specifically interested in nano-materials that exhibit high-quality, feasible cost, robustness, sustainment, and manufacturability.  Sources who can demonstrate understanding of nano-material synthesis and the essential variables to a repeatable product shall be strongly considered.

Prototype nano-materials of interest include: 

  1. Tungsten carbide nano-powders

  2. Silver nano-inks

  3. Aluminum nano-powders

  4. Tantalum nano-powders or nano-inks

InSitech is researching, identifying and substantiating technology solution providers through investigating the methods or delivery systems for utilization of the nano-materials – i.e. dry powder, aqueous suspension, organic suspension.  Several formulations per material will be considered.

Nano-materials properties shall include information on the following characteristics:

  1. Density

  2. Chemical Composition

  3. Particle Size Distribution

  4. Surface Area

  5. Crystallite Size

  6. Microstructure

If a technical solution(s) is deemed promising, the Army may elect to proceed to acquire designated high potential items for inspection, assessment, integration, test and evaluation by a Government team.

Nano-Powders & Nano-Inks