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MINDCo, Incorporated

MINDCo is commercializing the Miniature Integrated Nuclear Detection System (MINDS), on behalf of InSitech the owner of an exclusive license with Princeton University. MINDS is a cost effective, software-based system that has applicability in the Commercial, Medical, Military and Homeland Security/Defense sectors. MINDS is being jointly developed by ARDEC, InSitech Inc, and Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL). The MINDS software is based on an open architecture configuration, and can operate from a standard laptop/computer and continually monitors for the presence of X-Ray, gamma, and neutron emitting radionuclides, and is capable of differentiating between naturally occurring radiation and authorized medical and acceptable industrial nuclear spectra versus unauthorized or illegal material. It has such low level detection capabilities that it can identify one-billionth of the material deemed plausible to create a dirty bomb.

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